Renewable Energy

Creating a sustainable environment for all

Energizing talent that is truly making a difference for generations to come

Few people would argue that if we want to fight global warming and achieve energy independence, we need to move away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy.

While environmentalists have advocated for renewable energy for years, corporations and government officials are now jumping on the bandwagon because they believe the shift makes good business sense. For example, General Electric, leading supplier of wind energy in the United States, launched a grassroots “Capture the Wind” tour during which its representatives showed off a 131-foot wind turbine in nine states to promote renewable energy.

Campaigns like this are aimed at spreading awareness about the potential for renewable energy. But many countries throughout the world have already made the switch, and, as a result, have seen the immediate impact that renewable energy can have. For example, by 2050, Germany could be using 100 percent renewable energy. As a result, the country will save billions in importing energy.